6 April - 29 May 2016

Lighthouses Oil Painting Exhibition

To celebrate the 40th year of his art life the painter Haslet Soyöz has created 30 oil paintings showing the lighthouses all around in Turkey.

1 June 2016

Memory of Mustafa V. Koç

Retro Rally 1 June – 30 October 2016

Rally became known as a sports in late 1960s in Turkey. In this exhibition visitors had a chance to see the last 50 years of the sports, with the champion cars and memorabilia, supported by video footage of the races. Late Mustafa V. Koç was a pilot in his young age and also a pioneer in the recognition of rally in Turkey and so this exhibition was dedicated to his name. 

Model Airplanes Exhibition 1 June 2016 

Model airplanes history in Turkey dates back as far as the early ages of the Republic. In 1930s model airplanes were in the curriculum and in 1963 Turkey was represented in international competitions. Late Mustafa V. Koç has started using the radar remote control airplanes in his university years and continued this hobby. In 2004 Canadian F3J Model World Championship Turkish National Team won silver medal. In this exhibition while learning about the history of the sports, visitors had a chance to see 12 planes along with the cups and medallions won.