Ox-Carts and Horse Drawn Carriages

Ox-Cart An ox-cart generally has two wooden wheels on a fixed axle, is pulled by two oxen and can carry both goods and people. Kindly donated by Mr. Nihat Tupal. L: 428 cm W: 161.5 cm H: 160 cm

Pony Carriage This elegant child’s carriage was both used and kindly donated by Ms. Azize C. Taylan. L: 263 cm W: 95 cm H: 140 cm

Hansom Cab A Hansom cab is a kind of low, two- wheeled horse-drawn carriage designed and patented in 1834 by Joseph Hansom who was an architect. The carriage’s distinctive feature was the elevated driver’s seat in the rear. Though named for its original designer, Joseph Hansom, the cab was redesigned and patented by John Chapman in 1836. This model is half size. H: 140 cm W: 94 cm L: 250 cm

PhaetonPhaeton is the term for a sporty carriage drawn by a single horse or a pair, typically with four large wheels with a minimal body. In Turkey they are mostly used in coastal places like, the Prince Islands of Marmara Sea. Kindly donated by the late Erdoğan Gönül. L: 310 cm W: 150 cm H: 190 cm

Nizam’s Horse-drawn Buggy The horse buggy on display was one of the original buggies that transported the Nizam and his guests in Chowmahalla Palace. Kindly donated by Ms Esra Birgen Jah. L: 7.10 m W: 1.80 m H: 2.22 m