Kısmet Yacht

Kısmet, During the last year of his studies in 1952, while Mr. Sadun Boro was reading a magazine that he subscribed to, he saw an advert looking for volunteers to crew the yacht Ling sailing from Portsmouth to New Zealand. Having replied to this advert and been accepted, he set sail in the yacht “Ling” on the 24 July of that year for this voyage. Boro states that if he had not gone on this journey, that ended on the Island of Barbados, he would never have had the motivation to build his sailing yacht “Kısmet” and to go on the world voyage. On the return flight home from Barbados, he promised himself that; “One day he would return here with his own sailing yacht, carrying the flag of his own country.” From that moment onwards, going on a world tour became his primary aim in life.

He met his future wife Oda in 1958. Oda was the only person who understood his passion for the sea and his aim of going on a world tour. She was also the one who supported him the most in realizing his aim. In 1963, work commenced building the hull of Kısmet on the slipway of the Athar Beşpınar shipyard at Salacak, Istanbul. While the boat was being built, the Boros spent most of their time studying the books on sailing and planning their world tour to the finest detail. On 17 July 1964, Kısmet was launched from Salacak. It took another year to fit out and equip the boat ready for the journey. Finally on 22 August 1965, the Boros set sail on their voyage from the port of Caddebostan, Istanbul cheered on by friends and relatives. A very important member was added to their crew on the Canarian Islands: the ship’s cat “Miço”. Miço was the Boros’ close companion throughout their whole voyage. Kısmet dropped anchor in Deveburnu Bay near Datca on 23 May 1968, on 10 June the Boros were met by rapturous crowds in Canakkale and reached Istanbul on 15 June 1968, after a long voyage filled with many adventurous memories.

Sadun Boro and Oda Boro welcomed their dauthter Kısmet Deniz in 1969, soon after they returned from their world tour. Kısmet Deniz who became a part of the crew of Kısmet, also accompained her parents on a voyage to the Atlantic and America between 1977 and 1979. The sailing yacht Kısmet was kindly donated to the museum by Mr. Sadun Boro. The objects and souvenirs from the yacht and journey, (on loan from the Boro Family) are on display in the cases at the entrance of the Maritime Gallery of the Tersane Building.