National Education Directorate of Ankara

Approved by the National Education Directorate of Ankara, this package is offered to relevant schools. In this package students and teachers not only receive more detailed information about the selected work of art but also they learn to review them in broader areas such as history, sociology and environment.

Educational package is made of 3 sections.

Entry: Gives general information about the museum, emphasizes the importance of museums, lays out classroom activity suggestions for pre and post visit of the museum and indicates the relation between the syllabus and the objects reviewed in this package.

Teacher Pages: This the main section of the package and focuses on specific objects and includes general information, drawings or photographs, QA, discussions and activities for museum and classroom environment.

Student Pages: This package also includes photocopiable leaflets which includes the information stated in the teacher pages and the activities that can be made in the museum to be given to every student.

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