Yawl Uzaklar (Far Away)

Between 1965 and 1968 Sadun Boro and his wife Oda, were the first Turkish yachtsmen flying the Turkish flag to sail around the world in their yacht Kısmet. After reading an account of this epic voyage, Osman Atasoy decided to attempt the same feat himself. The newly-married couple Osman and Zuhal Atasoy bought the yawl Uzaklar and beared to sea in 1990, an adventure which was to last four years, ten months and six days to end successfully in 1997 at Antalya. By the end of the trip, the Uzaklar had sailed nearly 40,000 nautical miles, and is still the smallest Turkish craft ever to circumnavigate the globe. L: 8.5 m W: 2.77 m