Steam Yacht Gonca

Despite much research, Gonca’s origin is still shrouded in mystery. Evidence within the vessel suggests that she was built in a Northern European Shipyard. Identification marks show that she has an engine manufactured in Britain. Turkish naval historians, referring to Ottoman naval records, believe that she served as a support vessel in the Port of Selanik (now Tessalonika, Greece). During WWI, she was appropriated by the Ottoman Navy and converted into a mine layer. She saw active service and survived the Battle of Dardanelles.

After the war the ship was laid up in Gonca Bay at the Naval Base in Gölcük. She acquired her present name and was then used by the Turkish Navy as a transport ship. In 1989 Gonca was decommissioned and was saved from destruction by the M. Koç Museum Foundation for Museology and Culture. Gonca’s refit commenced in Tuzla, Istanbul in 1993 to prepare her for her new role as a luxury yacht. She was launched in 1997.

Lenght Ovarall: 32.00 m Beam: 6.00 m Draft: 3.25 m Build: circa 1910 Engine: Triple expansion steam engine