The Tugboat Liman 2

The İstanbul Port Company commissioned the Dutch firm Kreber to build the Tugboat Liman 2 in 1935. The completed vessel arrived in İstanbul in 1936. The tug was used as a general harbour tug, assisting larger ships into and out of the harbour at the Port of İstanbul continuously until 1988. In 1990, Mr. Rahmi M. Koç bought it with the intention of restoring it into a museum exhibit. Restoration began in April 1990 and was completed in July 1992, when she began her new lease of life.

The Liman 2 is in fully working condition and gives regular tours of the Golden Horn in summer weekends.

Technical Details

Date and place of construction: Holland 1935

Weight: 50.30 Gr. Ton

Length: 18.97 m

Beam: 4.75 m

Depth: 2.14 m

Engine: Triple expansion

Engine power: 170 H.P

Boiler: 1 flame tube