The Rowboat Workshop

Ayvansaray is just across the Golden Horn, opposite Hasköy where the Rahmi M. Koç Museum stands. Until the mid-80s, the alleys of this historical Golden Horn neighbourhood was filled with rowboat workshops, which met the large part of İstanbul’s local rowboat demand. The reconstruction process of the Golden Horn in the mid-80’s have dealt the first blow to the historical roots of this traditional craft in Ayvansaray. In time, the cheaper and maintenance friendly fiberglass has taken the place of wood, speeding up the vanishing of the craft of rowboat-building, which was identified with Ayvansaray. Paying tribute to a craft that has been sinking into oblivion, the rowboat workshop in Rahmi M. Koç Museum gives insight to this craft, and implies the place of Ayvansaray and the Golden Horn in İstanbul’s maritime history