Mototren La Littorina

A railcar is a self-propelled railway vehicle designed to transport passengers. The term “railcar” is usually used in reference to a single coach with a driver’s cab and engine at both ends. Manufactured by Fiat in 1937 in Italy, the ALn 56 1903 was among a series of self- propelled railcars which operated on the Italian Rail System. The Littorina ALn 561903 on display is a rare and important item bearing the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the 1930’s and it is intact with all the original fittings and accessories. The Rahmi M. Koç Museum obtained the railcar on loan from the The Wolfsonian– Florida International University (FIU) for 10 years. It was transported to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum with the sponsorship of Tofaş (Turkish Automobile Factory Co. Inc) in March 2011.


The railcar which was damaged by the Hurricane Andrew in 1992 has undergone careful restoration by the Düzey Workshops and Tofaş workers. The restoration of the body has been carried out by the Turkish Fiat (Tofaş Company) and most of the wood work and interior restoration was carried out by the Düzey Workshops. Pieces trapped under the layers of the surface helped determine the original colour and gloss. Majority of the work has been cleaning, sheet metal repairs and wood repairs and in some instances renewing to match the original. L: 19.1 m W: 2.3 m H: 3.3 m