Primary and Secondary School Projects

Our Education Pack was approved by the Istanbul Region of the State Education Department in December 2002. Since 2002, it is available to use for schools. Our aim with this pack and our projects in general is creating a connection between the museum objects and the curriculum of our school. Students come our museum and not just learn about the lecture and the object but also form an ability to understand different disciplines. This education pack is derived students and teachers to think, research, interact differently about the environment, museums, the lectures and life. Our team of education tries to show students how they can use our museum more productive and helpful way. The Education Pack is divided into three sections:

Introduction: It contains practical information about visiting the museum, explains the value of museums in general, suggests ideas for classroom-based activities before and after the visit, and explains how the objects which are described in the pack relate to the Turkish education curriculum. Teachers' pages: This part of the pack focuses on the key objects and gives the following information about each object; a general introduction with illustrations, suggested questions and answers, discussion points, and suggested activities to do in the museum and in the classroom. Students' pages: The pack also contains a booklet that can be copied and given to each pupil, containing a number of activities - related to the objects in the teacher pages above - that can be carried out at the museum during the visit. Please click here to download our Primary and Secondary School Education Pack as an pdf file.

We would also like to thank Apple Bilkom for the loan of an Apple Macintosh computer used in the preparation of this pack.

For further information or any enquiries please contact Miss Yesim Ozturan

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