Mehmet Memduh Önger Marklin Train Collection

The Marklin Train Collection on exhibit has been donated by Mrs Leyla Onger in the memory of her beloved husband Mehmet Memduh Onger. M. Memduh Onger who passed away in 2004 has spent 37 years collecting this special collection. He would have been proud to have it admired by the visitors of the museum. After graduation from Galatasaray High School, M. Memduh Onger continued his studies in the University of Sultanahmet. His passion for trains has started when he was 15 and was gifted a Marklin Train. This passion rested with him until the end of his life. M.Memduh Onger has crowned his collection with a piece everytime he travelled to Switzerland. Every year, he used to bring out all the pieces of the collection and gave them constant care. This activty had become a family ritual and heritage. In the name of making this ritual immortal, Mrs Leyla Onger has donated this Marklin Collection to Rahmi M. Koç Museum.