Time Measurement Instruments

Roskell Marine Chronometer

The Roskell family business made chronometers and other timekeeping instruments. It was founded in 1790 in Liverpool, England and remained there until 1891 when the company moved to London. This chronometer was manufactured in Liverpool circa 1850, and is numbered 729. It saw service in the Ottoman Navy vessel İzmir.

L: 14 cm

W: 14 cm

H: 16 cm

Cary Sundial

Metal sundial for garden use made by William Cary, prominent maker of mathematical instruments, late 19th Century, London, England.

Y: 22 cm

Ø: 46 cm

Turret Dial

A variation on the conventional sundial, in which the shadow is cast on a cylinder and due allowance is made for latitude and season. On loan from the Bosphorus University Kandilli Observatory.

Y: 39 cm

Ø: 12.3 cm