Salvage Tug Vernicos Irini This ST (‘small tug’ )

Salvage Tug Vernicos Irini This ST (‘small tug’ ) Class diesel tug was built by Continental Shipbuilding in Brooklyn, New York in 1944 for the US Army, to assist with the port handling of the huge Allied merchant fleet during WWII. (Its original designation –US ARMY ST-755– is still visible under the black paint at the bow of the ship). After the war, ST-755 was one of approximately 100 surplus tugs donated to the Greek government. They, in turn, offered the tugs to the Greek shipping community on generous financial terms to help restart activities after the wartime devastation of their fleet. ST-755 was acquired by the Nicolas E. Vernicos Shipping Co. Ltd and renamed the Vernicos Irini, giving more than 50 years of service before being finally laid up in Salonika. In 2002, she was offered to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum, and after being towed to Turkey and undergoing restoration at RMK Marine in Tuzla, made her last voyage here in October 2003. Kindly donated by the Barbara and Nicolas A.Vernicos Family L: 26.6 m B: 7.15 m D: 2.4 m