This nostalgic street of 19th century shops is one of the most popular sections of the Museum. Many fascinating objects in the Museum collection are exhibited in these reconstructed shops, which consist of a Scientific Instruments Shop, Pharmacy, Shoemaker’s, Blacksmith’s, Clock Repairer’s, Chandler’s and Toy Shop

Scientific Instruments Shop The shop contains a wide range of scientific instruments, including telescopes, microscopes, and various measuring devices. Domestic appliances used in daily life, such as radios, electric vacuum cleaners and typewriters are also exhibited here. There is also a figure of a shopkeeper dressed in period costume.

Pharmacy Herbs used to prepare medicines, pestle and mortars, medical instruments, artificial limbs and many other objects are displayed in this authentic reconstruction of a 19th century pharmacy. A model of a pharmacist and old lady customer dressed in 19th century costume together with the aroma enhance the experience for visitors.

Shoemaker’s Shop Many tools used for repairing and making shoes, including wooden lasts, are displayed in the shop, as well as examples of early 20th century shoes waiting to be repaired, riding boots, various bags and suitcases. There is also a figure of a shoemaker dressed in period costume.

Blacksmith’s ShopDiverse blacksmith’s tools are displayed in this shop, as well as examples of decorative iron objects. The forge, bellows and other tools are arranged as if they were functioning. A figure of a blacksmith dressed in period costume completes the reconstruction.

Clock Repairer’sThe shop is equipped with tools needed to repair every type of clock, and also contains a diverse collection of clocks ranging from wrist watches to wall clocks. A figure dressed in contemporary costume and a radio programme playing in the background contribute to the authentic atmosphere.

Chandler’sThe Chandler’s shop contains a wide range of objects that include life rings, ropes, lanterns, compasses and other navigation equipment.

Toy ShopTrain sets, dolls, cars, rocking horses and many other toys dated from the 19th century to the present day are exhibited in this oldfashioned toy shop. A figure of the shopkeeper dressed in 19th century costume and model of a child making purchases enhance the exhibition.