The I. & E. Greenwald Steam Engine

Greenwald engine was built in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1906. It is a horizontal cross compound engine and weighs 62 tons. The fly wheel is 16’ in diameter and weighs 16 tons.

One of the unique features of this engine is the American style or continuous rope drive power transmission system. The engine transmits its power by 1 ½” diameter rope, 1,200’ long. It develops 750 horsepower at 36 RPM. This power is transmitted throughout the factory via this rope drive system.

This engine provided 56 years of continuous service to the Beaumont Rice Mill in Beaumont, Texas. The engine was moved from Beaumont to Miami in 1984 by Finlay B. Matheson and Brian Doran. This engine has been registered as a historical object in 1987 by the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Park Service. Kindly donated to our museum by Mr Finlay B. Matheson.