Atatürk and Ankara

These objects are all related to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938), founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey. They were mostly assembled by Colonel Halil Nuri Yurdakul, who played a distinguished role in the War of Independence and later attended many of Atatürk’s relatives and colleagues. Kindly donated by his son, Prof. Dr. Yurdakul and his daughter-in-law Mrs. Ayşe Acatay Yurdakul.

Coffee cups belonging to Atatürk (Kindly donated by Mr. Yurdakul Yurdakul).

Atatürk’s ceremonial sword when he was an Army Captain (Kindly donated by Mr. Yurdakul Yurdakul).

Atatürk’s sword used in Tripoli.(Kindly donated by Mr. Yurdakul Yurdakul).

Atatürk’s signet rings.

The telegraph messages giving the health status of Atatürk, October 1938.(Kindly donated by Mr. Koray Özalp).

A telephone belonging to Atatürk

24th March 1923 “TIME” Magazine

A well-preserved example of the very rare 1923, March issue of the Time Magazine with Atatürk on the cover. This is the first time Atatürk was on the cover of this magazine.

21st February 1927 “TIME” Magazine

Atatürk's photo on the cover was taken on 30th August 1924 in Dumlupınar. The words, below the photo, “Come then! Your trouble will be to find burying room...”, was believed to be said by Atatürk for Mussolini due to his aim to occupy Anatolia.