This section is founded in 2010 by kind supports of Rotary Club. In this cheerful area students can interact with 48 experiments to learn how to use mathematics in our life. Aim of this project is trying to teach students the idea of mathematics not itself. After attending, students can look through their problems creatively. This part of our museum symphatizes theoretical mathematics through experience.Visitors can play and learn with constructive and instructive experiment sets Racing Balls The Architect Sinan’s Secret Giant Soap Wall Leonardo’s Golden Horn Bridge Turkey Step by Step Lights on and off! Make My Nest Attention! Attention! Here is the Latest Situation on the World’s Population Growth. Create Your Own Path! The Chess Board Where Does This Sound Come From? Listen and Find Out! Voyage to Infinity Have I Grown Shorter? Conway Cube Round Pyramid Tetrahedron out of 2 pieces Tetrahedron out of 4 pieces The T Honeycomb Puzzle Square Wheels All Mozarts of the Future Come Here! My Head is Spinning! Mirror Mirror Tell Me! How Many of Me Can You See? For further information or any enquiries please contact Mr. Ahmet Demirer or Miss Yesim Ozturan at Rahmi M. Koc Museum’s Workshop Projects

This project has started in 2007 and focuses on Technical High Schools. Students learn practical information about their major. Students will learn; • Importance of museology, • Duty of the workshops and how they are working thoroughly. • Creating an awareness, cherishing historical or art objects.

Students can visit this workshop during the school year on Tuesday between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Session will hold with 25 students and at most two teachers. • Address: Sırrı Celik Bulvari, Koctas Yani, 34 788 Tasdelen, Cekmekoy-Istanbul Phone Number: 0216 484 47 47 and 0216 484 15 15 For further information or any enquiries please contact Miss Yesim Ozturan