Biology Workshop

DNA This workshop comprises secondary and high school students. Students can have their DNA pieces and keep it for years after the experiment. Before the experiment, they watch a video called “the Body Code” about systems, cells and DNA. Students reinforce their knowledge about the topics in this workshop.

Sugar Experiment Sugar is the key point for disorders or sicknesses. It can cause a lot of problem. Unfortunately, its use exponentially increases amongst kids and teenagers. Due to make an awareness, our educaton team create this project and invite secondary school kids to join.

Chlorophyll Experiment World is given us what we need. Humans exploit excessively what the has offered us. We as humans should definitely take an action and try to slow this corrupt consumption. We benefit flora as a step of our food chain and inaddition to that they are also a fundamental step for our energy system. To decrease the unnecessary consumption, we could try to use clean energy. Secondary School students can attend this experiment, see with their us that it is POSSIBLE!

For further information or booking please contact Miss Yesim Ozturan Miss Temime Hazal

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