Individual Child Workshops

Workshops On Weekends

Our workshops on weekends appeals 4-14 ages. Versatile and practical people can be formed when they involve with social, different and culture environments. Therefore, museums are most appropriate places for kids and attending this workshop could improve their social, emotional and cognitive skills.

Kids can take their design and creations from the workshop when it is over.

You could buy the ticket for workshop via Biletix or click the link below. Please give attention each workshop and its acceptable age range.

For further information or any enquiries, please call 0 212 369 66 00/01/02 – 133-120 -105 or send an e-mail to Mrs. Zeliha Buyukkurt or/and Miss Yesim Ozturan

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Summer Holidays Children Workshops

At the Weekend Training Workshop our work is addressed to our children aged between 4 and 14. We would like to see all of our children between the ages of 4 years.

Development and learning are formed by many social and cultural environments. For this reason, museums, which are part of social and cultural development, aim to contribute to the social, emotional, mental, physical, language development and skills of children and to develop their imagination and creativity. In order to achieve these objectives, our museum has included the Weekend Education Workshop, which was organized by FaberCastell in 2009 under the sponsorship of FaberCastell.

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