Yasemin Uygur The Hat Collection

The earliest known depiction of the hats were identified on the wall paintings of the ancient Egyptian tombs dated to 3200 BC. From the 18th century onwards, hats became widely used as a fashion accessory and a status symbol. Related to this change hat making has become an art and milinery shops have been established. Before the World War I, the hats were designed in extravagant styles, after the war the hats became more indispensable even though they had less ornate style. The hat collection on display consists of popular hat models used between 1890 and 1970. Beaded, feather, ribbon, artificial flower and veiling decorated coctail hats, 1920’s striking cloche hats, asymmetrical models of 1930 and 1940’s, straw hats, 1950 and 1960’s elegant pillbox and beret style hats can be seen in this collection. This distinguished hat collection was kindly donated by Ms Yasemin Genç Uygur.