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Models & Toys

Testament to our founder, Mr Rahmi M Koç's lifelong enthusiasm for models and miniatures, our superb collection of models and toys is mostly housed in the Lengerhane building - though a few may also be found in the relevant galleries of the new Hasköy Dockyard as well. Cars, lorries, ships, yachts, locomotives, and carriages are all strongly represented, as are fine, working models of stationary engines. We also have an extensive and important collection of toys through the ages, some of which can be seen in our replica Toyshop.

Steam Locomotive 'Fire King'
This important and historic model of a very early steam locomotive of 2-2-2 configuration was built by Josiah Evans in 1841, when he was just 21 years old. Josiah Evans later became a famous engineer and locomotive designer.

Marine Steam Engine

Perhaps the finest in our entire collection, this superb 1/10 scale model shows the main engine of the steamship 'Sussex Trader', built in 1947 by Sir James Laing & Sons of Sunderland. The engine represented was built at Wallsend by the North-East Marine Engineering Co., and is of the reversing, triple expansion reheater type.
Aveling & Porter Steamroller
A fine scale model (built from the original works drawings) of a 1922 Aveling and Porter 'Dual-Reverse' Road Roller, used for smoothing the finish on asphalt roads. This particular type was known as 'The Coffeepot Roller' because of the unusual shape of the boiler.
Queen Mary

This naïve model of the famous Cunard liner the SS 'Queen Mary' is mounted on wheels so that it can be pulled by a child. More than 4' (1.3 metres) long, it is one of the largest metal toy boats ever made.


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