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Education is the primary duty of any responsible Museum, and the Rahmi M Koç Museum is proud of the fact that more than 60% of its visitors are schoolchildren. Of course, in a sense the entire collection is educational, but we have specifically arranged some exhibits and activities for children to try out and thereby be both entertained and informed. To find out more about our formal education activities at the Museum, please click here.

Cutaway Car

A fully detailed working cutaway of a modern FIAT Palio prepared and donated by Tofas, the Koç-FIAT joint venture in Turkey. Not only can the detailed construction of the bodywork be seen, but also the operation of the engine and gearbox.


Bellanca Aeroplane

We are fortunate indeed to be able to exhibit this full-size real aircraft in this gallery. At weekends, a qualified expert shows visitors around the plane, and it is even possible to sit in the cockpit and try out the controls.



Scientific Experiments

The Hands-On gallery contains a series of specially-created demonstrations and experiments, designed to illustrate a variety of mechanical and physics principles. At weekends, a special teacher/instructor is on hand to show children around and explain the purpose and effect of each experiment.


Cutaway Domestic Goods

The cutaway car and lorries are joined by a fascinating array of working domestic goods, each piece sectioned or transparent with working mechanisms and co-ordinated lights to explain their function. Listen to a tape or CD player, watch a TV or computer, and understand the inner secrets of a dishwasher or vacuum cleaner!


Road Transport
Rail Transport
Scientific Instruments
Models and Toys



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