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1941 Consolidated B-24 D Liberator (Nose Section)
1942 Douglas C47A Skytrain / DC-3 Dakota
1974 FIAT (Lockheed) F-104 S Starfighter
1979 Bellanca T-7 GCBC Citabria
Aircraft / Aviation Parts
    Wooden Propellers
  Boeing 727 wheel
  Martin-Baker Ejector Seat (from F104S)
    Pilot's Helmet and Flightsuit
    Russian Pilot's Helmet

Aircraft Engines

1928 Hispano-Suiza Hispano-Suiza 12HBR
1942 de Havilland Aircraft Co. Gypsy-Major 31
1974 Renault Renault Bengali 4 PEI
1979 FIAT (General Electric) J79-GE-19 turbojet

Large-Scale Models

  Albatros D III  
  Antonov AN.2  
  Blackburn Monoplane  
  Bleriot XI  
  Bristol Beaufighter  
  Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister  
  Caproni Ca.32  
  Curtiss N-4 Jenny  
  D.H. 80 Puss Moth  
  D.H.C.2 Beaver  
  de Havilland Cirrus Moth  
  de Havilland DH-2  
  Fairey Swordfish  
  Fieseler Storch  
  Fly Baby  
  Fokker DR1  
  Hansa Brandenburg  
  Heinkel HE-46C  
  Junkers D1  
  Messerschmitt ME109  
  Phoenix C1  
  RAF FE8  
  RAF RE 8  
  Siemens-Schuckert D III  
  Sopwith Pup  
  Sopwith Triplane  

Small-Scale Models

  Turkish Air Force through the years
  Numerous small models  



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