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A new Museum Outreach Project

Although our current education activities are very successful, with about 100,000 children a year visiting the Museum and gaining both knowledge and enthusiasm, we are conscious that there will always be some schools and children that cannot visit – either because of cost, or distance, or both.

The primary aim of our Museum Outreach Project ‘Müzebüs’ is to allow these underprivileged children to taste some of the delights of a museum, and also to give them an opportunity to learn using different and more imaginative tools and techniques. If the schoolchildren cannot come to the museum, then let us take the museum to the schools!

In order to achieve this aim, the Museum has obtained sponsorship from the renowned Migros (together with additional support from Ford Otosan, Opet Petroleum, Arçelik) for the Müzebüs itself, a dedicated teacher and driver, and all the operating costs of the Müzebüs project.

Through this initiative, thousands of schoolchildren around this great country will have the chance to have two special experiences. Firstly, they will have an introduction to museology, and the scope and quality of a museum’s collections; and secondly, they will take part in a lesson made unforgettable by a variety of objects and events that they have never seen before.

It is our sincere hope that this brief glimpse into another world will inspire these children to look beyond their existing horizons, and to make the most of their undoubted potential during their schooldays.

We also hope that as they make their way into the outside world, they will take every opportunity to visit museums such as this one, and to encourage their families and friends to do likewise.

The Müzebüs visiting programme is planned by the Museum and Migros, but if you would like to suggest your school for a Müzebüs visit, please contact Ms Emine Bayam.

We should like to acknowledge here the generous and professional support of the Vehbi Koç Vakfı, Mr John Chandler, Mrs Jale Onur, and the staff of the Koç Schools in the preparation of this Müzebüs Programme.



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