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A virtual journey from the Museum to the Planets

Rahmi M. Koç Museum has  Istanbul’s first stationary planetarium ‘Discovery Sphere’ on the grounds of Lengerhane.

The 40-people capacity Planetarium will be showing educational films on a wide range of subjects including astronomy, art, education, and technology; and will help the visitors live the experience of the cosmos in a virtual environment. The Planetarium has a special projector that reflects visions of the sky in night time, and the amazing view of the stars and the Milky Way onto its walls. The new generation digital animations will allow us to find answers to questions like ‘how would the stars and the Milky Way look without the city lights, how do the planets move, how can we find directions by looking at stars, why are nights longer in winter time, why does the moon change phases?’ in an entertaining style.

Planetarium, designed for educational purposes with 8 meter diameter and 5.5 meter height and that is built on 60 square meter  will be open through the year during the regular hours of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.

What is Planetarium: It is an educational and entertaining medium that will bring latest advances in space to our daily lives as well as allow younger generations to enjoy the space in an entertaining and practical manner. Planetariums are shaped like a dome where images are reflected onto the walls of the dome. This will provide the viewers to have 360 degrees and 3 dimensional viewpoint. Ğlanetariums are observed in United States, Japan and many European countries.


Timed shows-please book in advance. For more information please contact group bookings, museum shop sales department.




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