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Our brand-new Education Pack was approved by the Istanbul Region of the State Education Department in December 2002, and is now available for use by interested schools.

With the aid of this pack, teachers and students can not only learn in much more detail about selected objects and displays, but can also be taught to consider the objects in wider contexts - for example history, sociology, and the environment.

The education pack, which contains more than 80 pages, is divided into three sections:

Introduction Contains practical information about visiting the museum, explains the value of museums in general, suggests ideas for classroom-based activities before and after the visit, and explains how the objects described in the pack relate to the Turkish education curriculum

Teachers' pages The main part of the pack, this focuses on the key objects and gives the following information about each one: a general introduction with illustrations, suggested questions and answers, discussion points, and suggested activities to do in the museum and in the classroom.

Students' pages The pack also contains a booklet that can be copied and given to each child, containing a number of activities - related to the objects in the teacher pages above - that can be carried out at the museum during the visit.

How to get the pack
There are three ways to obtain a Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi Education Pack:

  • Purchase in person at the Museum Information Desk (price 15 TL, to cover the cost of printing only)
  • Order the pack to be sent by courier and you can pay for it when you come to the museum (you will have to pay for the courier charges on delivery)
  • Download the pack free of charge from the internet as an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file by clicking on the icons opposite: you can choose to download the entire file, or each section separately.

"It is also possible to book our specialist teacher, Emine Bayam, for a private Saturday tour of the Museum using our unique education pack. Individual or groups of up to 15 children can enjoy an exclusive, in-depth look at some of our most interesting objects, specifically selected to relate to the National Curriculum. (Tours in Turkish, and suitable for 3rd grade+ children: fee $40 for a two-hour tour). Please contact Ms Emine Bayam for bookings and further information."

If you have any queries
Please contact our Education Adviser, Mrs Emine Bayam on (0212) 369 66 00 - 01-02, or send her an email at ebayam@rmk-museum.org.tr . Mrs Bayam can also give advice to teachers who have received the pack

We should like to acknowledge here the generous and professional support of the Vehbi Koç Vakfı, Mr John Chandler, Mrs Jale Onur, and all the staff and children of the Koç School in the preparation of this Education Programme

We would also like to thank Apple Bilkom for the loan of an Apple Macintosh computer used in the preparation of this pack.

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.PDF file downloads

(requires Adobe Acrobat

click here to download Acrobat Reader

Download entire pack
( 1322 KB )
Download introduction pages
( 84 KB )
Download teachers' pages
( 1101 KB )
Download students' pages
( 174 KB )


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