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Press Cuttings

Since the opening of the new Hasköy Dockyard buildings in July 2001, we have been the subject of a wide range of complimentary television, magazine and newspaper articles. Here are just a few recent excerpts…


Hürriyet Newspaper: 7/6/2003 - Nora Romi
m. “The Rahmi M. Koç Museum is the first museum that is truly appropriate for my son. This wonderful establishment is located in Hasköy, and exhibits full-size cars, trains as well as displays showing how the objects actually work.”

Hürriyet Newspaper: 4/7/2003
“Steam Tours of the Golden Horn”
“The Rahmi M. Koç Museum is arranging nostalgic tours of the Golden Horn with its historic harbour tug ‘Liman 2'. This live steam vessel will be weighing anchor from the quay every summer weekend.”


Sabah Newspaper: 17/5/2003 - Emre Aköz
“The past, presented in a new way. This museum uses a hands-on approach to its displays, and is very popular with children. It is housed in historic buildings on the shores of the Golden Horn; one of them called the ‘Lengerhane’ – formerly an anchor foundry in the Ottoman Period, and now used to display the developments of modern technology.”

Sabah Newspaper: 24/9/03
“They took the Museum to the Student”
“The Rahmi M. Koç Museum has introduced a new mobile museum outreach project called ‘Müzebüs’, with the help of the Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos and the Koç Schools. In a press conference, honorary Koç Group President Mr. Rahmi M. Koç emphasised that museology is constantly developing around the world.”

Radikal Newspaper: 07.10.2003 - Sevin Okyay
“The Rahmi M. Koç Museum is well designed, and has first class art direction.”

Posta Newspaper: 23.11.2003 - Yazgülü Aldoğan
“The past is presented as brand new. Interactive museum concept”
“The most popular objects are an amphibious car which can be used in water as well as on the road, a pink Cadillac, and a ‘Harry Potter’ car. There are real trains, aircraft and a submarine, and you can enter and visit them all!”

Time Out Guide – Istanbul
“This Museum is worth a trek, crammed as it is with the technologies and tomorrow’s worlds of time past. Plenty of the exhibits have moving parts, which can be manually activated by buttons or levers. Great fun – try to visit on a Saturday when all the working models are in action. The buildings themselves are also quite exceptional, and there is an extremely good French bistro in the Café du Levant”







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