Scientific Devices A few examples from our collection  

Wimshurst Machine

The Wimshurst Machine, invented by James Wimshurst (1832-1903), is an early electrostatic apparatus for generating high voltages. This example is a school demonstration model, capable of producing up to 30,000 volts and was made by Phillip Harris & Co. Ltd.

Cary Pocket Microscope

William Cary (1759-1825) was a prominent maker of mathematical instruments. This small microscope was designed by one of his apprentices, Charles Gould, in London, England circa 1840


Fuller Cylindrical Slide Rule

Fuller cylindrical slide rule is a very long and hence more accurate slide rule, used circa 1940. It can be made more compact by wrapping the scales spirally round a cylinder.



Celestial Globe

This globe was made by Cafer İbn-i Ömer İbn Devletşah el-Kırmani between 1383 and 1384. It is one of the oldest globes known. There is a full set of constellation figures with about 1,025 stars indicated by points punched in small silver inserts on it. On loan from the Bosphorus University Kandilli Observatory.


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