Models and Toys A few examples from our collection  

Model Locomotive Fire King

An historically important contemporary model made, signed and dated by Josiah Evans Haydock in 1841. He became a well-known locomotive engineer, and in 1874 designed the Bellerophon, still in service in Yorkshire, England and believed to be the oldest operating locomotive in the world. Kindly donated by Hochtief A.G.

Aveling & Porter Steamroller Model

Thomas Aveling & Richard Thomas Porter entered into partnership in 1862, and subsequently produced more steam engines than all the other British manufactures combined. This is a model of a 1920’s eight ton steamroller, used in road construction. It was built from original drawings.


Model Triple Expansion Marine Engine

This superb 1/10 scale model shows the main engine of the British Steamship ‘Sussex Trader’, built in 1947 by Sir James Laing & Sons of Sunderland for the Trader Navigation Company. The engine itself was built at Wallsend by the North-East Marine Engineering Co.; and was of the reversing, triple expansion reheater type.


Model of the TS Savarona

The Savarona was built by the German firm of Blohm & Voss for an American heiress in 1931, and was later purchased by the Turkish government for the use of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk when he was advised to take a sea-cruise for his health. This 1/125 scale model was made by Mr. Süleyman Alper in 1993.



The Rowing Boat

A wheeled, metal toy boat with the oarsman driven by the rotation of the wheels. Made in Paris, France, circa 1890.


Teneke Oyuncak Otomobil

Clockwork tin plate limousine and chauffeur, manufactured by the German Maker Hans Eberl in 1909 in Germany.



Marklin Train Set

Marklin (or Maerklin) is a German toy company, founded in 1859. Although it originally specialised in doll house accessories, today it is best known for model railways and technical toys. Kindly donated by the late Cengiz Dalgıç.


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