Living History A few examples from our collection  


Herbs used to prepare medicines, pestle and mortars, medical instruments, artificial limbs and many other objects are displayed in this authentic reconstruction of a 19th Century Pharmacy. A model of a Pharmacist, dressed in 19th Century costume together with the aroma, enhance the experience for visitors.

Clock Repairer

The shop is equipped with tools needed to repair every type of clock, and also contains a diverse collection of clocks ranging from wrist watches to wall clocks. A figure dressed in contemporary costume and a radio programme playing in the background contribute to the authentic atmosphere.

Toy Shop

Train sets, dolls, cars, rocking horses and many other toys dating from the 19th Century to the present day are exhibited in this oldfashioned toy shop. A figure of the Shopkeeper dressed in 19th Century costume and models of children making purchases enhance the exhibition.

Olive Oil Factory

A lovingly recreated and authentic industrial scene, incorporating all the elements of an actual olive oil factory from Bademli on the Aegean Coast. See the original steam engine turning and operating the drive belts and millstones. Other items include the original crushed olive presses and boiler front, plus many other historical details.

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