Eating and Drinking

Demlik Kafe

Named after antique teapots used in its decoration, the café is situated at the entrance of the antique automobiles gallery and is an ideal spot for short breaks. Demlik Café offers sandwiches, biscuits, tea and coffee during museum’s opening hours.

Fenerbahçe Ferry Cafe

You can enjoy Turkish tea with simit and feta (typical İstanbul style fast food with pretzel like pastry) in the canteen, which was recently restored in the style of the original Fenerbahçe Ferry and its grandeur.

Nostalgic Coca-Cola Truck Snackbar

This nostalgic Cola-Cola snackbar is set on a 1934 model Dodge truck. You can enjoy fresh air in the museum’s garden while enjoying delicious snacks. Sandwiches, toasts, popcorn, ice-cream, tea, coffee, Coca-Cola and numerous other items make the canteen a favourite of children.

Located next to the Lengerhane, Café du Levant offers French cuisine. Elegantly decorated, the café is a prime choice of Istanbulites for special occasions. A real Parisian brasserie…

Tel                                                       : 0212- 369 66 16

Owned by the management of Café du Levant, Halat Restaurant is another favourite of our visitors. The restaurant offers irresistible Mediterranean cuisine and a rich wine collection. Nothing can compete with the magical summer nights you can enjoy on the shore watching the Golden Horn view.

Tel                                                        : 0212- 369 66 16


Located next to the Halat Restaurant, the pub was designed in truly English style. Decorated with antique objects this pub will enliven your nights.

Tel                                                        : 0212- 369 66 16


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