Communication A few examples from our collection  


The zoetrope is a forerunner of the modern cinematograph, and was invented in England in 1834 by William Horner. When viewed through the slits, the pictures inside the revolving drum give the impression of movement.

Thomas Edison Telegraph

This significant object is the actual Patent Model submitted to the US Patent Office on the 22nd Februrary 1876. The model and diagram illustrate the principles of an improved automatic telegraph machine that would print actual letter characters, rather than Morse code, onto a continuous strip of paper.



A 1930 HMV Model 21 Gramophone, made in England by The Gramophone Company, owner of the His Master’s Voice trademark. Gramophone needles of several brands like Dog and Baby, Solo, D.F. Tayler are being exhibited alongside this Gramophone.


J. Lancaster & Son Camera

Plate camera made in 1885 by J. Lancaster & Son, Birmingham, England and used with glass negatives.


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