Colorful Mathematics World  

The experiment and puzzle sets in this section designed by the Mathematicum Museum in Germany  are good for families to enjoy all together.

We thank İstanbul Rotary Club for their kind donation that brought this section to our visitors.  


Visitors can play and learn with all the enjoyable and colorful experiment sets

Racing Balls

The Architect Sinan’s Secret

Giant Soap Wall

Leonardo’s Golden Horn Bridge

Turkey Step by Step

Lights on and off!

Make My Nest

Attention! Attention! Here is the Latest Situation on the World’s Population Growth.

Create Your Own Path!

The Chess Board

Where Does This Sound Come From? Listen and Find Out!

Voyage to Infinity

Have I Grown Shorter?

Conway Cube

Round Pyramid

Tetrahedron out of 2 pieces

Tetrahedron out of 4 pieces

The T

Honeycomb Puzzle

Square Wheels

All Mozarts of the Future Come Here!

My Head is Spinning!

Mirror Mirror Tell Me! How Many of Me Can You See?

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