Machinery A few examples from our collection  

Wood Saw

One of the few remaining parts of the original Şirket-i Hayriye Dockyard, this important and historic Wood Saw was made in Glasgow, Scotland, by the steel engineering firm P & W MacLellan (1805-1979). It is still in full working order nearly 150 years later.

Marine Steam Engine of Bosphorus Ferry No.67 Kalender

KThe Kalender was built in England by Şirket-i Hayriye in 1911. She gave many years of service between the Bosphorus wharfs in İstanbul. This fine triple expansion steam engine was the starboard main engine of the Bosphorus ferry Kalender.


Marshall Portable Engine

A portable engine is a small steam engine, mounted on wheels or skids, it is not self-propelled and is towed to the work site by horses or bullocks, or even a traction engine. Portable engines were used mainly for driving agricultural machinery, such as threshing machines. This type of engine was introduced in 1872 and was produced in a range of sizes from 2 hp to 12 hp. This example was manufactured by Marshall Sons & Co circa 1910.


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