31 October 2013 – 29 June 2014 Bridging Two Continents – Bosphorus

The first Bosphorus Bridge was opened on 30 October 1973 connecting Europe and Asia with a fixed link for the first time. An increase in road traffic and trade meant that people were waiting for hours to cross the Bosphorus on ferries, while lorries had to wait for days. The bridge opened to national and international acclaim with vast crowds celebrating the structure’s completion. It is a steel suspension bridge with a main span of 1074m which made it the fourth longest in the world at the time of its construction and the longest outside the USA. The design and construction was a truly international project that depended on the hard work and understanding of the Turkish people. This exhibition celebrates the design, construction and continued success of the Bosphorus Bridge on its 40th anniversary, and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (Second Bosphorus Bridge) on its 25th anniversary. In memory of Dr William Brown, Designer and Engineer.

Due to the interest the exhibition is extended until October 5, 2014


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