Early Replica Edison Phonograph

This example was produced in 1878 by Hardy in Paris. The Edison phonograph was the first device to be able to record and reproduce sound. This example is one of only 15 known to have survived.

Blickensderfer No.7 Typewriter

George Blickensderfer produced the first practical portable typewriter in 1893. The Model 7 was first produced in 1897, and was unusual because both for its cylindrical print head, and being available with over 100 different wheels, including one for musical notation.

Kule Saati Mekanizması

19. yy. sonu 20. yy başında Fransa'da yapıldığı tahmin edilmektedir.


Manufacturers of magic lanterns (slide projectors with oil lamp illumination) reacted to the emerging rivalry of the motion Picture by making supplemeantary devices that could be mounted on the base board, together with the magic lantern. This example was manufactured by the Ernst Plank Company in Germany, early 20th century.

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