Scientific Instruments  


Rectifier changes AC (alternating current) electricity to DC (Direct Current). This example was used in the Istanbul Kadiköy-Moda tramway power supply.(Kindly donated by Mr. Zihni Ergün)


Astrolabes were used by astronomers, astrologers and navigators as working tools, for teaching and as status symbols. On one side is an ‘alidade’ for measuring the altitude of the sun or a star. The other side shows the earth and stars. (Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory Collection)

Reflecting Telescope

Manufactured in Germany by the G. & S. Merz Company. Georg Merz was born in 1793 in Bichl, Bavaria. In 1808 he started work, making optical glass at the Optical-Mechanical Institute of Utzschneider, Fraunhofer, and Reichenbach. Fraunhofer later made Merz his assistant, calculating lenses & optical systems and manufacturing astronomical instruments. After the death of Fraunhofer in 1826, Merz was promoted to manager. Georg Merz died in 1867 and left the business to his sons Sigmund & Ludwig. Sigmund Merz became the director and changed the company name to G.& S. Merz. (Kindly donated by Ahmet Suha Mermerci)

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