Craftsmen Street

The “Craftsmen Street” will take you back to the early years of Turkish Republic and give a taste of how the trade life was in Ankara.



A tinning bench, anvils, hammers and many other rare copper objects are being displayed in this early 20th century Coppersmith shop. The silicone model of a Coppersmith, made by sculptor Mr. Murat Daşkın, enhance the experience for visitors.

Hat Shop

After the hat revolution held by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1925 hat making became one of the most popular crafts of the period. While you are watching the nostalgic hats in the shop the favourite songs of Atatürk playing in the back ground contribute to the soulful atmosphere.

Mohair Shop

Mohair is a silky fibre made from the hair of “Angora Goat” which derives its name from the ancient Turkish province of “Angora” (today’s Ankara) where it originally comes from. However, in the march of progress, the production of angora fell back and in mid 20th century almost dissappeared in its native land. This exhibit shows the mohair shop of Bulgurlu Family who were one of the main families of the capital.

Carpenter Shop

The shop is equipped with carpantery tools belong to late Ali Rıza Erkan who was graduated from Industrial School of Ankara and made the carpentery works of many State buildings in early years of Turkish Republic.A history is being put across to the visitors through the exhibited work shop and tools no matter how silent they stand and how calm they look. (Kindly donated by Prof. Dr. İlhan Erkan in memory of his father late Ali Rıza Erkan)

Saddle Shop

While being at Çengelhan, close to the site which was formerly known as the Horse Market(At pazarı), do not miss to see the carriage harnesses, saddles, bridles and many other objects in our traditional saddle shop.

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