Scientific Experiments Workshop

In order to comprehend science and technology it is vital for children to participate in experiments and embody scientific events by practicing them. Thanks to our scientific experiment tools, children not only learn science and technology’s historical evolution and development but also they find a chance to experience the techniques by doing and living.

Experimental instruments that children can try;

Ford Model T Assembly Line: Enables the introduction of the car in human life and its spread with mass production

Gear wheels: Shows the working principles of objects like watches, bicycles etc.

Bridge Installation System: The unit used by Mimar Sinan in bridges and arches allows to understand and experience the circle technique.

Springs and Reels: Used for the investigation of working principles of pulley systems consisting of fixed and movable pulleys, experiments of examining force and weight relationship in pulley systems. 

Magnetic Pendulum: Allows to understand the magnetic field created by the magnets.

Simple Machines: Used for understanding the laws of physics and helping to recognize simple machines and their functions in our daily lives.

Praksinoscope: Shows the basic principle of cinema and the production of cartoons that children watch.

For detailed information, you can contact Ayşe Bağırıcıoğlu (0312) at 309 68 00

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